4 Simple Rules for Writing the Best Web Copy


4 Simple Rules for Writing the Best Web Copy

The conversion rates and SEO performance of your small business website or blog depend on you supplying a steady flow of amazing content to your website.

Stick to These 4 Simple Rules

Sentence Length

When possible, keep all sentences below 20 words in length. This not only helps the content become more clear, but also boosts how engagement and how likely a visitor is to read the content.

Active Voice

Writing great web content means positioning yourself in the present! Keep things as active as possible! You want everything to read in a way that makes your company appear current and up to date.


Stay consistent when you talk about your services, products, and other things your business has to offer. Remember, you spend every waking moment in your industry…your customers do NOT. Try not to assume they know what you mean when you mention a specific word or phrase.

Consistency also means keeping everything up-to-date. Don’t let them find you sleeping on your website content! If you have expired coupons or deals, get them off and update the page.


This is the golden term of website content and content marketing.

Readability is a hybrid term for just about everything listed here. At the end of the day, the vocabulary, sentence length, and structure of your web copy needs to look fun and approachable.

Sometimes that means short sentences to break up the text and make a point.

Instead of including a list of multiple features, events, or whatever it is you are writing about, put things in a list:

  • It helps break up the text
  • It leads the reader on, reading lists is easy!
  • It forces you into writing shorter sentences
  • It can make a point much better than a sentence in the middle of a paragraph.

Remember, this is your website, and while everything you do is of the highest importance and you take it very seriously, you need to remember to stay engaging and fun.

What this means: Your website should be engaging and informative, not a graduate school thesis. Don’t be afraid of being a little conversational in your content. This is why blogs have exploded in popularity! Keep it light, keep it simple.

A few things you can do to go a long way: Use bolded text when you are making a point, as well as italics and even the occasional underline looks great (in fact, parenthesis are completely acceptable, as long as you always remember to place the punctuation outside and after you are done).

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