How Your Small Business Can Hire a Full-Time Employee…For Free


How Your Small Business Can Hire a Full-Time Employee…For Free

With Healthcare costs rising and an economy that seems to be moving in slow-motion, it has been increasingly difficult for small business owners to expand their team.

Even with record-breaking sales, hiring a new employee is a risky endeavor these days – all companies see highs and lows, and you want to make it out of your lows with as few scrapes and bruises as possible.

You’d love to hire a full-time salesman, or a marketing expert, or a customer service representative. Heck, you would love having all three of them!

Unfortunately, paying for three full-time salaries – totaling anywhere from $130K – $200K combined – isn’t exactly “in the budget” for the majority of small and medium sized business owners.

So, how can your business fill a Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service position for a fraction of the cost?

By building a company website that can fulfill each of those tasks for you, 24/7.

The internet is changing and developing daily. A well-designed website used to be a great additional tool for businesses of all sizes. Soon enough, business owners realized that nothaving a website was hurting growth, so they went out a hired any ol’ agency or freelancer to create their “online brochure.”

But, times keep changing and the demands of a new generation of web users have yet again made us all rethink what a website should do for our business.

To be clear, if your business website doesn’t fulfill the following tasks already, you are losing out to your competition:

  • Provide a clear understanding of what your business provides
  • Presents material resources in the form of blog posts and/or informative web copy
  • Lists the products or services your provide and describes them
  • Displays attractive images and graphics that lend to the personality of your company
  • Collects customer information via easy to use online forms
  • Collects emails for your newsletter or direct mail campaigns
  • Offers free quotes or samples of your products/services
  • Prompts visitors to contact you via the phone, email, or online form
  • Performs the above tasks on any phone, tablet, or desktop screen

How does your current website stack up?

A website that does all of these things, and more, can take the place of a full-time salesman, marketer, or customer service employee.

And the best part about this money saving approach? Your website works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Your site can’t slip and fall, catch a cold, quit, fall asleep, or lose motivation. It even works holidays!

A website is much more than an online brochure, and good website design means much more than a flashy home page. Without well-written content and a layout that promotes a response from your web visitors, you are losing out.

That is something you simply can’t afford.

For more information on how Mindbrew Creative designs websites and how much money you can save (and make) with an intelligent, attractive, SEO-optimized site for your small business, contact us here