Make It Rain, Inc

crafting a digital presence for an expanding non-profit

Make It Rain, Inc

Make It Rain, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based out of Southeastern Pennsylvania that strives to be “helping others help others” whenever possible.

Our Work:

Since 2013, Mindbrew has been called upon to execute a long list of creative and technical tasks. We’ve created a responsive website, designed custom skateboards & sweatshirts, managed a podcast, and helped them raise tens of thousands of dollars online for their service trips and local projects.

The social presence of a grassroots organization like MIR is vital to it’s success. Under Mindbrew direction, Make It Rain, Inc has seen a swell in social media participation, which has led to successful fundraising rounds and regional news coverage.

We made sure to get involved in the application and consistent management of their Google Adwords Grant. Since making the Make It Rain team aware of the free advertising grant available to them, we have helped bring in an additional 350,000 site impressions per month, and over 85,000 brand new web visitors per year. By managing their Google Adwords campaigns, Mindbrew has ushered in increased online fundraising and awareness, as well as higher search rank and domain authority amongst search engines.

Getting Involved:

We had the opportunity to personally travel with Make It Rain in 2014 as part of a week long service project. We assembled and installed desks for a local school, supported well drilling to provide fresh water, and were able to show the love of God to the wonderful people of Haiti.


September 15, 2015