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The Newlyweds Cookbook

When we (Forrest & Courtney), aren’t building websites, writing copy, and building brand strategies for clients, we take our expertise in all things web and marketing and place it in our side-project, The Newlyweds Cookbook. What began as a personal blog to help organize our own recipes has turned into so much more – partly due to our persistence in excellent content marketing and social media practices.

With over 325 posts ranging from recipes, family time tips, and product recommendations, the blog has taken on a new life as Courtney forms lasting partnerships and sponsored collaborations with companies that fit our audience and brand. Companies such as Bob’s Red Mill, Gorton’s Seafood, Vital Proteins, Cuisinart, and Tomorrow Sleep (to name a few) value our influence through Instagram and Online with our blog, and we have grown our audience by staying true to what the blog’s brand and purpose has been from the very beginning – a real life look at a young family in the kitchen, and at home.

In late 2017, we gave the blog it’s first facelift since the initial launch in 2014. Now, follows are able to access more content from various categories at once, and we have laid featured posts out in a way that is visually appealing and won’t confuse any one.

This blog continues to be a project that works as a testing ground for new marketing techniques, tools, and ideas. It also stands a a shining light to what a commitment to content marketing and brand strength can do. We never though from the outset that our blog would be featured on, or bring us a package full of free product from Bolthouse Farms!

Please, take a look at The Newlyweds Cookbook and follow us on Instagram. If you feel that your business needs to step up their content, or to strengthen the brand that drives it, give us a call at 508-251-5560.


January 10, 2018


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