Co-Laborers With Christ Receives a Facelift

Co-Laborers With Christ is a Christian organization that looks to equip the next generation of Pastors in Latin America & Spain. They’re headed up by an amazing team – but they never wanted to share their website with those who asked…

It’s actually quite common with the organizations and businesses that we come in contact with. They are doing a great job growing their business or fulfilling their mission, but when it comes time to hand out a business card or direct a potential customer to their website, it comes along with a disclaimer. Nowadays, that website you feel ashamed of is more than likely your first impression – before any disclaimers can be sent out…

CWC had a few unique needs for their new website that made it an exciting build for us:

  • About 50% of traffic is going to be users in a Latin American country or in Spain. Of those users, we expect the majority to access it through a smartphone, and many will not have high speed internet. This means that every aspect of the site – from the back end to the front end – needed to be built for simplicity and speed while still looking excellent.
  • It needed to be appealing to a larger audience, which means appealing to other cultural tastes than what we typically deliver. We designed the site and re-energized the logo with a very vibrant color scheme.
  • The site needed to be fully translatable into Spanish and Portuguese without us building completely separate websites. By utilizing Google Translation tools, the site appears in the native language wherever in the world it is accessed, without breaking the design and layout of the site. Future changes to content only need to be done once, in one language.

We were happy to assist this great 501(c)(3) with their new website design and development project, and we hope it serves as a continual resource for their mission.


Forrest Musselman

Forrest holds a B.A. in English from Framingham State University. Prior to Mindbrew Creative, he spent time working and interning with larger agencies, where he was able to learn from influential creative leaders. Using his homegrown skills in web and graphic design, Forrest paid his way through college (Gordon College, Temple University, & Framingham State) and was able to grow long-lasting relationships in both Greater Boston and Greater Philadelphia (his two favorite cities), that have become invaluable to Mindbrew’s success. Forrest is a foodie who loves to spend quality time with family, enjoy the outdoors, grill, and jam out on his 3-piece drum kit.