An Exciting New Chapter at Mindbrew Creative

Fall of 2015 marks a new chapter for Mindbrew Creative, and we’re so excited to share it all with you.

To fully understand our current enthusiasm, it’s necessary to take you inside the conception of our creative agency over two years ago.

Mindbrew was created in a whirlwind, much faster than most businesses form. After a solid career of freelance work, the tides were turning and the shift to grow into a bonafide creative agency was becoming more and more obvious. Then, all at once, we did it. Feeling confident in our niche, as well as our connections with existing clients, Mindbrew Creative, LLC was official before we had time to take a deep breath.

Being a brand new agency looking to make its mark on a sometimes overcrowded industry, we quickly got to work gathering clients, scheduling meetings, and putting out work we were proud to place under the new Mindbrew portfolio. We were soon recognized by many start-ups, non-profits, and other existing business owners as a legitimate full-service creative force that was able to push out high-end work at a solid pace  while staying on budget. Our communication was flaunted as superb, and our clients always remarked about how nice it was to form a personal relationship with their creative team. We agreed.

There was just one problem. In the midst of building our business by telling other brand’s stories, we had little time to tell our own. Many visitors on our previous site may not have gathered that we were different than other agencies – that we were authentic, passionate, and creative people who loved what they did and forming these strong client bonds. The experience a potential client had when meeting with our team was not in touch with what we were showing off online.

We were personable, candid, and authentic in meetings and on conference calls, yet our own branding embodied little of that.

Now, almost two years later, Mindbrew receives the face it always had, but never showed.

Successful projects and a growing reputation for beautiful creative collateral have blessed us with the time to thoughtfully brand ourselves the way we would for any of our clients. The “new” Mindbrew Creative is really the true Mindbrew Creative. We’re just glad to finally share it with all of you.


Forrest Musselman

Forrest holds a B.A. in English from Framingham State University. Prior to Mindbrew Creative, he spent time working and interning with larger agencies, where he was able to learn from influential creative leaders. Using his homegrown skills in web and graphic design, Forrest paid his way through college (Gordon College, Temple University, & Framingham State) and was able to grow long-lasting relationships in both Greater Boston and Greater Philadelphia (his two favorite cities), that have become invaluable to Mindbrew’s success. Forrest is a foodie who loves to spend quality time with family, enjoy the outdoors, grill, and jam out on his 3-piece drum kit.