Want to Rank #1 on Google? Why to Never Believe an SEO Promise…

Want to Rank #1 on Google? Why to Never Believe an SEO Promise…

As a company, Mindbrew Creative will never “promise” a top ranking in any search engine.

Sounds like a pretty poor way to advertise your search engine optimization skills, right?


I’d like to tell you a story about one of our clients, and why they trust us with their small business SEO…

How Other SEO Companies Work

This business owner (we’ll call him “Jack”) started his company well before Mindbrew Creative was established. Business was okay, but he knew that SEO was becoming a necessity for small businesses and was eager to hop on the fastest train to the top of Google Search.

There’s just one small problem. There is no “fast track” to the top of Google, especially when attempting to get there organically. You can find help along the way, of course, through free seo analysis and other options, but a jump like that is just not possible. You’d never believe it with the amount of companies and scammers today who promise you a “first page ranking in a couple weeks” or “#1 ranking for 10 keywords in your industry.”

Unfortunately for Jack, many of these companies – who emailed him and left him countless voicemails – seemed so successful and legitimate that he never thoughts twice about what their miracle SEO packages were really made of. He figured a smaller monthly fee was well worth the long list of services they said to provide.

Little did he know, they spent about as much time working on his website’s SEO as they did personalizing those generic emails that filled up his inbox…

Needless to say, a year passed and Jack had spent a small fortune on SEO services and did not have much to show for it. In fact, the company that he hired for SEO was disciplined by Google for unethical link-building and keyword stuffing practices, so his rank actually went down.

Small business owners shouldn’t have to be let down by empty SEO promises like that anymore. They should be able to be confident in their SEO package, be it for a shopify seo service or otherwise.

How Mindbrew SEO Works

We didn’t start our small business just to go around deceiving other small businesses, we started Mindbrew to bring our knowledge of Search Engine Optimization – as well as web design, graphic design, social media, and marketing – to those who were tired of throwing their money into shady SEO operations that didn’t bear fruit.

As luck would have it, Jack found out about us and decided to inquire about our Monthly SEO Services.

We sent him a quote for a monthly SEO package that was well-researched to best help his business grow online, and he asked us what he had been grown accustomed to asking:

How long until you can promise me a #1 listing on Google?

We understood why he asked us this; we hear it all the time. Which is why we love seeing our client’s faces when we answer back:

“We can’t promise that you will list #1 on any search engine.”

Jack was confused, but it wasn’t his fault. For years he had been promised certain SEO results, and now with a SEO quote in his hand that was slightly more money (we aren’t afraid to say that!) than he was paying before, he didn’t get any big promises!

We never promise any specific results with our SEO plans, but instead let your website’s progress speak for itself. If you are currently in an SEO plan with another company and have reservations about how they are spending your money, contact us for help or read Google’s Guide to Hiring an SEO.

What’s Happened Since…

Since coming aboard with the Mindbrew team a little over half a year ago, Jack’s small business has seen a higher search ranking than ever before. His website does reach page one for more than a handful of popular keywords, and he has seen more customers contact him through his website’s contact page than in all his previous time with other “SEOs.”

Needless to say, Jack is happy to pay a slightly higher monthly rate for his SEO. In fact, sometimes we get calls from him asking us if there is more he can pay us to do!

What You Can Do Right Now

If you are tired of being called day and night by services telling you your listing is out of date, or receiving emails promising you a new SEO strategy…we can’t help you there. We get them too, even Google does! But we can make you feel confident that the company handling your online presence knows what they are doing and has your best interests in mind. Here’s an easy way to think about it:

  • Decide how many new clients/sales/leads you could get every month if your website ranked higher in search results.
  • Calculate how high your profits will be if you landed all of that new business.
  • Contact us about a personalized SEO plan and find out how little you’d need to spend each month to get that new business rolling in.
  • Realize that you’d probably be making a lot more money, jump up and down with excitement, release a high-pitched yelp out the nearest window, and then call us back.

It’s that easy.