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“The team at Mindbrew helped us move from an aging and constrained website to a vibrant and versatile solution that can adapt with us as we grow and the web continues to evolve. We are an increasingly complex organization trying to communicate our vision and offerings as simply as possible. The website that Mindbrew helped craft is hitting that mark everyday.”


– Andy Needham, Church Relations, Berea


Even the greatest of organizations need, and willingly ask for, help when it comes to their online repertoire. Take for example, the fantastic New England organization Berea. Their website, berea.org, was at one time a functioning resource, but with busy schedules and a rapid rate of growth, the website had fallen behind in reflecting just how ambitious the organization running it was. So Berea looked to us to help keep their site in play.


Content is very much quality over quantity, but finding the right quantity can be difficult. You want to make sure you are up-to-date, but also putting out relevant information that is worth reading. Part of what our team offers is consistent quality content creation for our clients, and that is exactly what we delivered to Berea. After their site had been revamped with new tools and a new look aimed at increasing the functionality of their growing organization, the next step was to keep both their preexisting and potential clients engaged and feeling helped.


While the previous site had some good contact information and directions, we saw an opportunity to make it even easier for them to acquire new campers and church contacts. Imagining ourselves as potential visitors looking to signup for one of their programs, we thought about how we would wish to be able to use the site. What came out of this process is an easy-to-use and easy-on-the-eyes Form system, all the while keeping their original ideas completely intact. Campers, Parents, and organizations now have the ability to get access to all of the signup forms and applications in advance and online.


While we pride ourselves in bringing out the best in Berea, we only took the good energy we saw coming from the organization and put it on display for the world to see. While their previous site had not reflected their passion and good-hearted programs, we channeled that energy and put it into an organized layout that let it flourish.