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Ellis Mills Public Affairs

“Ellis Mills has no offices so our web site is a huge part of our presence and is integral to our business development and thought leadership work. Our site was good but needed a “re-boot” as we continue to grow. Mindbrew was the perfect fit for the update to our site. They were energetic, responsive and patient. The value they added went beyond coding and graphics. We formed a true partnership and the result was a vibrant new site.


The feedback from clients and prospective clients, as well as FOCs (friends of the company) has been incredible. Many have said that the site was the first time they truly understood what a public affairs firm actually does. We are well-positioned for our continued growth and expansion, and Mindbrew was key to making this happen.”


– Bryan Mills, Partner, Ellis Mills LLC


Companies come to Mindbrew with all forms of different requests; such is the nature of being a creative agency. But one of our services that we pride ourselves on the most is our ability to take a company and encapsulate it’s mission and ideas into a professional, yet personal, website that is user friendly. So when it comes to really getting the proper information across in an effective manner, we thrive.


When Ellis Mills Public Affairs reached out to us for web design assistance, we immediately saw an opportunity to help make an online name for a company that was already making waves across New England.


What is necessary for a company in the public affairs sector is obviously effective communication of important information, but we believe that it is also necessary to have a sleek layout. Some non-design based web companies wrongfully underestimate user appeal and stick to strict functionality, but we believe that having eye-catching imagery and interactive tools are just as important as accurately conveying the company’s message.


Given the variety of services that Ellis Mills offers, it became apparent that their site needed to be very easy to navigate and reflect the upmost professionalism, all the while displaying their modern approach to public affairs.


Ellis Mills as a company has such an interesting background and we thought it would make a great highlight and a strong pull piece for their target audience. So we designed a page that complements both the founders’ accomplishments while also featuring their strengths and hardworking attitudes that they bring to each of their cases. Organizing this information in a way that is easy to read, comprehend and identify with was paramount to the success of the website.


Their modern and stylish brand now shines through on their new website ( and we are happy to say that they have worked with some of the most impressive companies in today’s business world. Showcasing credibility and past projects can be a small piece of a larger success, so adding that to their website was the finishing touch.

Ellis Mills Public Affairs