Vasey Landscaping Unveils New Look, Website

The amazing people at Vasey Landscaping came to Mindbrew looking for new branding and a completely redesigned digital presence.

The work they perform for their clients is phenomenal and their landscaping business runs like clockwork, but they knew that their digital presence was in desperate need of a good “weeding.”

Founded by Richard Vasey in 1986, Vasey Landscaping is a second generation company servicing residential and commercial clients in Bucks County, PA. Today, the family business is operated by Richard’s son, Scott, who learned the landscaping industry over the course of his life by working for his father.

Now, Scott and his landscaping business have a new logo that better represents their fun personality, and a website that not only showcases their new image, but brings in valuable leads that help increase sales.

If you live in the Bucks County region of Pennsylvania, these are your guys (they will get rid of your snow too).

vasey landscaping branding digital


Forrest Musselman

Forrest holds a B.A. in English from Framingham State University. Prior to Mindbrew Creative, he spent time working and interning with larger agencies, where he was able to learn from influential creative leaders. Using his homegrown skills in web and graphic design, Forrest paid his way through college (Gordon College, Temple University, & Framingham State) and was able to grow long-lasting relationships in both Greater Boston and Greater Philadelphia (his two favorite cities), that have become invaluable to Mindbrew’s success. Forrest is a foodie who loves to spend quality time with family, enjoy the outdoors, grill, and jam out on his 3-piece drum kit.