Ice Cream Packaging For Whole Foods & Beyond

We’ve been lucky enough to know the owners of New City Microcreamery since they opened up shop in Hudson, MA back in 2015. With an obsession with their sister restaurant, Rail Trail Flatbread Co.  already in place, we knew New City would be going places.

When it came time for New City’s delicious ice cream to be placed on the shelves of Whole Foods and other grocery retailers, we were approached to help design a set of branded ice cream pints that would incorporate the same personality and experience as sitting down inside a New City location.

When you are working with a larger number of variations (in this case, flavors), you need to design in a way that adds built-in flexibility for differences in product naming, artwork, nutritional and ingredient labeling, and flavor descriptions, while still making sure all new and future flavors will be able to appear as a well branded and streamlined suite of products. We worked with New City’s artists to craft a template that would be able to hold its consistency for any flavor.

Bringing a new product to retail is not a straightforward process, especially if your team has not gone through it before. Mindbrew Creative helps work through creating UPC barcodes, accurate nutritional labeling, food certifications, allergen warnings, and other necessary items for your product packaging. We assist in finding the best vendors for your packaging needs, as well as creating your merchant accounts on sites like Amazon. We design product displays, sales sheets, cases, and coupons. We’ve worked with wholesalers, brokers, buying groups, and have years of experience selling products directly through e-commerce website – which we build to fit your individual needs.

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Packaging Design
Retail Branding
Graphic Design
Retail Strategy
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